What is The National Challenge?
The National Challenge is a 28-day online challenge designed to help you reach your goals.
How much does it cost to join?
Everybody pays £5 to enter the challenge. £4 from the registration fee goes into the prize fund and £1 is put into the running costs of the challenge. While taking part in the challenge you will also need to purchase the items for your personalised plan. The National Challenge is a not-for-profit challenge.
What categories are there?
Every challenge has five categories which are Lose it, Tone it, Shape up, Over 50s and Shred it. We have something for everyone.
How much money do the winners get?
The prize fund for each challenge is determined by how many people enter the challenge.
Will everyone see the images I submit?
No one will see your images, not even us until you submit your final images to be in for a chance of winning. If you don’t ever submit your final images we won’t ever see your before images.
How are the winners chosen?
Once all the final images are submitted, we will go through them all and choose X finalists from each category. Once this is done we will put back the vote to all the challengers who took part. Everyone then votes and we have a winner, second place and third place for each of our categories and all of those will win cash prizes.
Can I keep taking part in each of the challenges?
Yes of course! We would love if you enjoyed the challenges enough to want to keep taking part. From our experience, it really helps people stay on track and keep motivated.