Photo Guidelines

Below are some ESSENTIAL guidelines for taking good photo's for your challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: Photo's that do not meet these guidelines will not be considered for judging:

💡 LIGHTING - This makes a huge difference! Try and ensure the lighting is the same in both your start and final pictures. This will usually mean having to take your pictures at the same time of day or in the same location / room under the same lighting. If you use a flash on your start photo's be sure to use it on your final photo's.

⬜ BACKGROUND - Photo's should be taken standing with your back to a plain background wherever possible.

👙 CLOTHING - If at all possible try to wear THE SAME clothing, in the same way, in both your start and final photo's. At very least they should be similar in design and fit. Remember, this is a body transformation challenge so the more of your body that is visible the better.

😣 TUCKING - Above we mention wearing your clothes 'in the same way'. Although tempting to 'let it all hang out' in the start photo and tucking it all in for the final photo, it's pretty obvious when people do this.

🕴️POSTURE - Head up, straight back, look forward. No slouching or pushing your belly out for the start photo's and no breathing in for the final photo's. Remember the ultimate goal isn't to win, it's for you to make progress. Don't kid yourself by taking false photo's

💪 ARMS - You arms should always be straight, by your side, not out like a penguin. Not out in front or raised or on your hips like a teapot.

🕴️FULL LENGTH - All photo's should be full length and include your head and your feet. Photo's that are not full length will not be considered for judging.

🤳 NO SELFIES / MIRROR / FILTERS - Selfies, mirror and filtered photo's will not be considered for judging.

✂️ PHOTO CROPPING - Collating and preparing all the photo's for judging and voting can take 15-20 HOURS! A lot of this time is spent simply cropping each and every photo to cut out the excess background. It is a HUGE help if you know how to do this, please crop your own photo's before submitting. Thank you 🙏

In short, the goal of your start and before photo's is to demonstrate the change in your body, so the fewer other variables there are in the pictures the easier it is to judge this.

Take your time to prepare and take your pictures!


  • Arms raised or away from body
  • Too dark
  • Head / feet cut off
  • Patterned / messy back ground
  • Mirror pictures / selfies


  1. PLAN AHEAD - Think about where, when and how you are going to take your photo's. You may have to take them somewhere other than your house to get the best possible photo.
  2. GET HELP - Share these guidelines with someone and have them take your pictures.
  3. TIMER FACILITY - Most phones has a photo timer facility which makes it easy to take your photo's even if you are alone. Just prop the phone up and set the timer to 5-10 seconds. This gives you plenty of time to get in position.
  4. KEEP TRYING - It's unlikely that the first photo's you take will be perfect. Keep taking them until you are happy that they are the best they can be.
  5. IF IN DOUBT - Before submitting share your pictures with your sponsor / coach and ask them for feedback.


Charlie 🙋‍♀️